Himawari which means Sunflower was the name given to me in Japan upon completion of the first level of Ikebana Sogetsu. The Chinese characters of the name is believed to bring me an abundance of luck.

Throughout my work, I make every endeavour to keep an environment in equilibrium by balancing the natural elements in fostering an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and harmony, thus enhancing one's well-being which is of vital significance to those strongly of the opinions that the place we dwell or work affects our entire lives immeasurably.

My name is Eliana,

I am from Rio de Janeiro, a brazilian-italian descent. I had during the past seven years resided in many parts of Asia; initially in Japan and subsequently for a short period in other Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and China; just to name a few.

Globe-trotting, being one of my profound interests had also taken me to the USA, UK and many others european countries (Italy and Switzerland).

I had worked many years ago in Brazil for a reputable and big enterprise in Public Relations. Later in Asia, I started understanding the indigenous cultures of the Japanese and Chinese in particular. Then, my life began to change enormously.

In association with them, I managed to discover the simple beauty that I couldn't perceive before. I took it upon myself to learn and understand their cultures and philosophical approaches to life which have been made possible through my extensive study of Feng Shui and Ikebana.

Completely fascinated by the Chinese wisdoms and with the rapid assimilation of such knowledge, I have eventually decided to carve out a name for myself in Feng Shui and Flower Arranging.